Selected Repertoire

Violet has a diverse repertoire suitable for any show or event; please email requests for specific acts, videos or more details about her classic burlesque and fetish work to my.violet.tendencies (at)


A mysterious goddess rises from the waves with huge Isis wings and a beaded mask reveal set to Florence + The Machine. This act was showcased in the Oregon Burlesque Festival 2015 and at The 2018 Pink & White Ball in Minneapolis.

Asherat at The Pink & White Ball (Dapper Fellas Photos with costume by Seraphina Fiero)


This nod to the Jungle Book’s delightfully slinky villain incorporates torch singer style with classic bump’n’grind!

Kaa (holiday version) (Meneldor Photography with costume by Bawdy by Strutt)


Snow Day

Celebrate the grace and delight of the winter snowfall with this shimmering act featuring silver fringe and unabashed delight!


Snow Day (Meneldor Photography with costume by Violet and Burlexe)


A caged bird breaks free to a dubstep song; this en pointe act is a wild dance with a surprise golden reveal. This act was performed at the Movers, Shakers and Innovators Showcase at The Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend 2014 as well as The Vancouver International Burlesque Festival 2014.

Raven VIBF 2014

Raven at Vancouver International Burlesque Festival 2014 (FUBARFOTO)

Fineshrine & Feathers

Depending on the tone of your event, Violet can offer a dark and sensual take on a classic fan dance or a saucy and flirty version of the same. The dark act has black fans and purple floral accents (or a stylish witch hat for Halloween!) while the saucy act has cream fans offset with a vibrant yellow and a sneaky shoe reveal.


Photo by Meneldor Photography and fans by Fancy Feathers


A joyful tribute to Florence + The Machine, this act starts serenely and builds to the all-out energy that is the hallmark of Florence Welch’s live shows! Featuring flowing pink gowns and a saucy rose hat, this act is guaranteed to delight all audiences.

Delilah (Max Shaw Photos and costume by Bella Bijoux)

God Is a Woman/Which Witch

Weaving spells and with an LED surprise finale, this act can be performed as witch in the Spooky Season or in full length royal purple gown at any other time.


Which Witch by Meneldor Photography (assisted by Lil Tigre & Effie Dubois)


Sister Kate

A red and gold shimmy act that starts with a coy lady in furs and ends as a vivacious flapper.

Sister Kate at Rue Royale by Double L Photography

Sister Kate at Rue Royale in PDX (Double L Photography)


Photos coming soon of Hollow Pride & Steampunk Spy

(Header photo credit Meneldor Photography)